Certificate of pesticides analysis

Certificate of analysis for the presence of market pesticides in Υα Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Test on more than 480 legal and non-legal pesticides)

How much do you know about the olive oil you consume?

Most olive oils have not been subjected to the tests Υα Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has gone through.

Υα Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil ensures you are consuming the safest product since it has been tested for the presence of legal and non-legal market pesticides in its composition; and not only those used in olive trees but all pesticide types, for near to the olive groves there are usually other crops too.

Unfortunately, pesticides cannot be detected by the taste and consumers often choose their olive oil exclusively according to its taste characteristics.

Olive oil producers are now using pesticides to increase their production, which leads to the deterioration of the olive oil quality and causes damages to consumers’ health.

As we and our families are the first consumers of Υα Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil we want to be sure about the safety of what we eat.

Therefore, every year after the harvest and olive oil production we proceed to a special testing process, which takes place in specific and certified laboratories.

In this way, you are sure the olive oil you eat is absolutely safe.

“Show me an olive oil without any pesticide analysis and I will show you a dangerous one.”